Couple Finally Gets A Break From Their Kids To Go On Date And Talk About Their Kids
Family ยท Dec 7, 2020

MAJESTIC SWAMPS, FL - The Andersons have not been out on a date for six months. Finally, their schedules aligned, and they managed to hire a babysitter and go out on the town for three full hours of hanging out, having dinner, and talking about the kids.

"I'm glad we got away from the kids for once. Man, I wonder how the kids are doing?" Will said to his wife, Carla. "Little Cal is just so adorable. You know how he does that little look when he's in trouble? Ugh." "Yeah, I know," sighed Carla. "I'm glad we finally get to have a break from them -- they're driving me crazy. Which I miss, a ton, and now I'm actually really starting to miss them."

The couple spent an anxious several hours thinking about what the kids were doing. After making it through dinner and dessert, they rushed home to get back to the kids, whom they missed dearly.


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