Lockheed Martin CEO Tearfully Urges U.S. To Implement No-Fly Zone In Ukraine
World ยท Mar 18, 2022

U.S. - In a stirring interview on CNBC this week, Lockheed Martin's CEO Jim Taiclet tearfully urged the Biden Administration to declare a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

"Just think of the stockholders, um, I mean - the innocent civilians in Ukraine!" he said, wiping tears from his eyes. "Imagine how safe they'll be as our multi-billion-dollar F-35s, Stalker UAS drones, or S-97 Raiders patrol the skies! Please! Someone must do something! For the children!"

Lockheed Martin has already spent $80 million on marketing campaigns to garner support for a no-fly-zone in Ukraine, as well as the world war that would likely come after.

"This is so, so important," said Taiclet, blowing into a silk hanky. "Think of the glistening weapons technology Lockheed Martin could deploy in Ukraine! It's such a beautiful thought I get emotional just thinking about it. I mean, the kids. Thinking about the kids. In Ukraine. Yeah."

Biden is said to be considering a no-fly zone as soon as aides finish explaining to him what a no-fly zone is, what a "Ukraine" is, and who the President is.

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