Local Man Googles 'What Is An Iran Deal' Moments Before Posting Dogmatic Opinion On Iran Deal Online
Politics ยท May 8, 2018

FRANKFORT, KY - Sources close to local man Jace Cunningham confirmed Tuesday that he had quickly Googled "What is an 'Iran Deal'?" just moments before he offered his dogmatic, definitive opinion online on how the nation and its allies should navigate the incredibly complex issues surrounding the nuclear programs being pursued by the Middle Eastern country.

Cunningham reportedly posted the comment containing the definitive take on the Iran Deal, using the information gathered over the thirty seconds he spent perusing the top one or two Google results, in the comments section of a story covering President Donald Trump's recent abandonment of the Obama-era Iran Deal posted to Facebook by a top news publication.

At publishing time, sources had further confirmed that Cunningham had performed other internet searches like "is Iran where Aladdin happened" and "where is the Middle East" while penning his ironclad argument on Facebook.


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