Local Introvert Won't Stop Talking About Being An Introvert
Christian Living · May 14, 2019 · BabylonBee.com

CHINO, CA - Local man Harry Lee is introverted, and his friends know this because he talks about it all the time.

"Did I ever mention how introverted I am?" he said this past Sunday while chatting with a friend after church. "So introverted. You know what kind of people I can't stand? Extroverts. The worst, am I right? They just come up to you and start talking all the time. So annoying!"

Lee's social media accounts are filled with meme after meme about being introverted. He shares satirical articles, jokes, tweets, and videos about how introverted he is. He shares about it so much that a lot of his extroverted friends have had to hide him from their news feeds.

"I like Harry, he's a great guy, but I wish he'd just shut up about being introverted," one of his followers on Twitter said. "I just need a little space from all the introvert talk."

Lee will often go out of his way to meet new people at church or school just to tell them about his antisocial tendencies. "Having social anxiety is a burden very few people understand, so that's why I make sure to bring awareness at as many social events as possible," he told reporters.

Just this past Sunday, during the greeting time at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, Lee shook the hands of over twenty new visitors and told them how much he hates the awkward, forced greeting time.

"Because I'm an introvert," he explained to each of the new people he met.

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