Leprechauns To Give Out Toilet Paper In Lieu Of Gold
Health · Mar 17, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

WORLD - Leprechauns around the world announced that effective immediately they will be giving out toilet paper in lieu of pots of gold when they are caught.

People kept catching the leprechauns but weren't all that interested in the gold, instead wanting the precious, valuable toilet paper. Faced with declining interest in their wares, the International Association of Leprechauns got together and issued an emergency decree that effective immediately, pots of gold would be replaced with pots of bath tissue.

"Ye'll get me pot o' toilet paper -- if ye can catch me, that is!" cackled one leprechaun as he hid near the end of a rainbow. 

A woman named Karen immediately leaped out of a nearby bush and snagged him, demanding the very best, triple-ply toilet paper available and also asking to speak to the manager.

"Curses! Me plot was foiled agaaaaain!" the leprechaun cried.

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