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Larry-Boy Confirmed For Next Avengers Film

U.S.—Marvel just dropped the final theatrical trailer for its upcoming Avengers film, and Christians across the nation were ecstatic to see that Larry-Boy, storied superhero of the VeggieTales franchise, will be joining the super-team for the first time.

In the new trailer, as the Avengers are battling Thanos, suddenly, a giant blue Fib from outer space bursts onto the scene, taking the heroes by surprise. Then, they see a purple and yellow jet streaking across the sky.

“I got this one, guys!” they hear over their intercoms. “You guys said you needed a hero. I! AM! THAT! HERO!” Larry-Boy soars in on his Larry Plane and begins to battle the Fib, teaching the audience how important it is to tell the truth while saving the world from the deadly threat.

Larry then uses his plungers to help keep the forces of Thanos at Bay.

Sources also claim an after-credits scene will feature Bob and Larry and Qwerty the Computer reminding everyone about “what we learned today.”

At publishing time, Marvel had confirmed Larry-Boy would be receiving his own spinoff film in which he teams up with Psalty the Songbook to fight the sinister Rumor Weed.

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