Biden Attempts Milk Crate Challenge After Kamala Keeps Telling Him How Cool It Is
Politics · Aug 26, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A new craze is sweeping the internet, the milk crate challenge, in which milk crates are stacked as stairs, and someone attempts to climb them without falling over and being seriously injured. Reportedly, Vice President Kamala Harris keeps talking to President Joe Biden about how cool the challenge is.

"So I heard about this really cool thing," Harris told Biden recently. "Actually, sorry, it's more of an idea for a popular president, like Obama."

"What?" Biden responded. "Tell me what it is, and I'll do it immediately!"

So Harris explained to Biden what the milk crate challenge is. "Isn't that dangerous?" Biden asked.

"Are you chicken?" Harris asked, flapping her arms and making noises in imitation of a chicken.

"I'm not chicken!" Biden yelled. "I stood up to Corn Pop! I ride trains! But where are we going to find a bunch of milk crates?"

"I brought a bunch and already set them up over this hard, unforgiving pavement," Harris said.

But as Biden began to step onto the rickety structure, White House staff rushed out to stop him. "No! Your feeble old person bones!" they yelled.

With the milk crate challenge foiled, Harris was last seen leaving colorful Tide Pods near where Biden usually eats.

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