John The Baptist Not Invited Back To Potluck After Bringing Locust And Honey Casserole
Church · Jun 3, 2021 ·

JERUSALEM - According to reports from the first century, John the Baptist was not invited back to the potluck at Jerusalem First Baptist Church after he brought a locust and honey casserole to the one held last month.

An excited Mr. Baptist brought the casserole into Sunday's potluck, but it went completely untouched. 

"I don't understand what I did wrong," said a forlorn Mr. Baptist as he wandered in the desert. "I followed the recipe I found online to the letter -- well, after I got through the endless backstory of course."

"People were even eating the weird jello with the bits of random stuff floating in it, but they just passed my casserole by," he told a pigeon. "And they were eating Mrs. Rutherford's chicken, which we all know is always undercooked! More people drank the watered-down punch than my humble offering!"

"At least I like it," he grumbled as he pulled out a Tupperware container with the leftovers.

On the positive side, Mr. Baptist was hailed by the left as a progressive and forward-thinking environmentalist for eating bugs instead of harmful industrial beef and chicken.


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