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IRS Still Waiting For Liberals To Voluntarily Mail Their Refund Checks Back

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the nation’s tax refund checks begin making their way back to Americans, sources at the Internal Revenue Service confirmed Wednesday that IRS agents are still waiting for liberals who complain about any kind of tax cut to voluntarily mail their checks back to the federal government.

After gauging progressives’ disdain for paying lower taxes under the new GOP plan, the federal agency had assumed any refunds of over-payments to the federal government would be sent back to them at once by the country’s left-leaning taxpayers.

“Any second now,” one office assistant said as she checked the mail yet again to see if liberals’ checks had been returned yet. “We’ve been waiting and waiting for progressives to send their tax refunds back, since they complained so loudly about paying less taxes. But we haven’t seen any yet.”

“Surely they’ll show up soon,” she added.

At publishing time, the IRS had concluded that liberals were simply waiting for their even larger refund checks to come back next year, and donate it all back to the federal government in one large lump sum.

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