Introvert Misses Good Old Days When People Didn't Video Call Him All The Time
Tech · Apr 29, 2020 ·

ALBANY, NY - Local introvert Jacob Whitely had initially been having a really fun time in quarantine.  He got to read books alone, play video games alone, and even, occasionally, cry alone. However, things started to change a few weeks ago.

While people used to just text him or send him memes, he says everyone now insists on video-calling him. "Everyone keeps FaceTiming me now," Whitley explained.  "My mom, my little brother, my grandma. My grandma doesn't even know how to use a computer, and she's FaceTiming me."

Whitley says it's not just people he cares about bothering him all day with FaceTime calls.  An old girlfriend calls twice a week, his fairly new friend Leroy on the daily, and he even received a call from his dad, whom he never talks to because they disagree on politics. 

"I just want this whole thing to be over," Whitley said.  "I miss the good old days when nobody called me and I could just go about my day doing whatever I wanted.  I hate talking to people, I just hate it!"

In order to avoid his phone and iPad, Whitley has been spending more time outside walking his dog.  We tried to catch up with him during one of these walks, but each time we did he was stuck in awkward small talk with a neighbor.  

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