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In Major Social Faux Pas, Trump Body Slams Queen Of England

LONDON, ENGLAND—Nearly causing an international incident, President Donald Trump body slammed the Queen of England, something that is considered an insult in her country.

While in America a body slam is considered a friendly gesture, with people having a good laugh anytime Trump body slams a member of the press, that action seems to be considered hostile on the small tourist island of Britain and is almost never done to a monarch. The faux pas has caused Trump to be excoriated in the British press, which has referred to him as “uncouth” and called him a “scallywag”.

“I thought she was trying to put me in a headlock,” explained Trump, referring to when the Queen went to pat him on the shoulder, “and no one gets the drop on Trump. So down she went. I guess it surprised her, but we had a good laugh about it.” Video of the incident shows only Trump laughing, though, as he stood over the unconscious 92-year-old woman after having just shouted, “Bow down! I’m the king now!”

Earlier, the shoe was on the other foot when Britons had “welcomed” Trump with a medium-sized balloon depicting him as a baby, after obtaining the proper permits to have a balloon in the country. While most people in the U.S. consider such a thing an insult, in Britain, depicting someone as a baby is a way of expressing care and endearment.

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