Historical-Critical Scholar Doubts Authorship Of Paper He Wrote
U.S. · Jun 1, 2016 · BabylonBee.com

NEW HAVEN, CT - Noted higher critic, scholar, and professor of New Testament at Yale Divinity School Dr. Gunther Burg has published a paper casting serious doubt on the authorship of another paper he wrote several years ago.

"Conventional scholarship has attributed the paper I wrote to me, sometime in 2011 CE. But approached critically, it's evident another author wrote the paper I wrote and later attributed it to me in order for its controversial ideas to gain acceptance," Burg wrote in a summary statement.

The evidence Burg cited in order to undermine the authorship of his own paper included differing writing styles and adjective uses, the obvious reliance of his paper on other sources, and the lack of the coffee stains which usually adorn Burg's work. "If I really wrote this piece that I wrote, where are my trademark overuse of adverbs and my usual pompous attitude? The evidence is clear: this paper that I clearly recall writing was actually written by an anonymous author and attributed to me."

Burg went on to criticize several purported contradictions within the paper, claiming they proved the paper he wrote was written by an impostor. "Besides, the meaning of the paper itself is open to interpretation, no matter what the author says. So the manuscript is interesting as a historical relic, but the paper I wrote was definitely not written by me. It's utterly worthless in terms of its historical consistency."

According to sources from within Yale Divinity, Dr. Burg further plans on publishing a peer-reviewed refutation of the evidence for his own existence next fall.

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