Here's How 12 Different News Outlets Covered Israel's Hostage Rescue
Media · Jun 10, 2024 ·

Everyone knows that the media is either fake and biased or completely 100% factual and correct, depending on how your political orientation lines up with any given news source.

With that in mind, The Babylon Bee conducted an investigation into how different media outlets covered Israel's hostage rescue operation:

  1. The Babylon Bee: Breaking: Gaza Health Ministry Confirms 8 Billion Dead In Israeli Hostage Rescue

  2. New York Times: Breaking: Gaza Health Ministry Confirms 8 Billion Dead In Israeli Hostage Rescue

  3. CNN: GENOCIDE: Israel Mass Murders More Palestinian Citizens Also Please Pay Attention To Us We're Broke

  4. Rolling Stone: Palestinians Recount Horror Of Living With 4 Jews For 247 Days

  5. NotTheBee: Israel Just Pulled Off One Of The Most EPIC Rescues In History And Libz Are Big Mad. Let Me Break It Down For You. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. BBC News: Israel Genocidally Commits Genocide By Shooting Back At Innocent Civilian People Shooting At Them In Horrible Genocide

  7. Buzzfeed: Check Out These 32 Recipes From Child-Free Trans Women That You Need In Your Life

  8. Deadspin: Here's a Video of a Racist Israeli Hostage in Blackface Oh Wait Those Are Ashes From His Friend's Incinerated Body And Oops We Just Lost Another $500 Million Defamation Lawsuit

  9. Washington Post: Hi, I'm Raul, The Janitor, Nobody Here Today

  10. HuffPost: Israel Brutally Murders Civilians Innocently Holding AK-47s, Hostages

  11. TMZ: POOLSIDE PICS! You'll Never Believe How These Seven Celebs Responded to Israel's Slaughter of Innocent Palestinians

  12. Al Jazeera: Wait! Don't Shoot! I Can Exp —

The list above will help you determine if other news outlets covered the Israeli hostage rescue as accurately as The Babylon Bee.

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