Guy Behind You At Church Really Going For That Harmony
Church · Jul 31, 2018 ·

U.S. - Sources at church confirmed that the guy sitting behind you was "really going for" the harmony on that worship song you were singing Sunday.

While everyone else in the service was content to simply do a passable rendition of the song's familiar melody, this guy was belting it out "like he was auditioning for American Idol," witnesses confirmed.

Through every verse, chorus, and refrain of each and every hymn and worship song your church sang in the service, the man refused to sing the basic melody, and instead "just went all out" trying to reach the most difficult possible harmony.

After the service, the man told reporters he has no musical training. "I just pick out those harmonies all on my own. When the worship leader goes low, I go high. I think the people around me in church really appreciate it. It probably helps them sing better too."

Sources claim the man likes to think of himself as a Christian version of Josh Groban, but people who sit around him in church have stated that his vocals are more akin to a Christian version of Bob Dylan.

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