Grammar Enthusiast Who Knew What You Meant Just Gonna Go Ahead And Correct You Anyway
Life · Sep 1, 2023 ·

MADISON, WI — During an online conversation pontificating over the pros and cons of a subject no one will remember in just a few short days, user BERNIER00LZ replied to your suggestion that "You're opinions are wrong," with the curt correction "*Your" while knowing full well exactly what you meant.

The following exchange ensued:

SKYRIM4JESUS: You know what I mean you don't have to be a scold.

BERNIER00LZ: You forgot a comma.


BERNIER00LZ: Oh boy, you skipped capitalizing and punctuating your "sentence" there, friend.

SKYRIM4JESUS: Let's just get back on the topic that your opinions are worse then the economy.

BERNIER00LZ: Your grammar is worse THAN your mom's kissing skills.

SKYRIM4JESUS: Wow sick burn bernie.

NFT_QUEEN: Hey friend, I heard you've been looking for a legit way to make legit bucks! Link in bio! 💰💰💰

BERNIER00LZ: Is your comma key broken or something?

SKYRIM4JESUS: I can't even.


SKYRIM4JESUS: But do you understand what I mean?

BERNIER00LZ: I am physically unable to get passed your absolute carnage of the English language!


At publishing time, you were still intrepidly engaged with BERNIER00LZ over grammatical crimes and had completely forgotten about the original subject matter of whether cats could be mayors.

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