George Lucas Puts Up Billboards Reading 'Miss Me Yet?' Next To Disney Star Wars Billboards
Entertainment · May 28, 2022 ·

LOS ANGELES, CA - George Lucas has put up his own billboards in response to the Disney billboards promoting their latest Star Wars shows. The famed director and creator of Star Wars appeared to be mocking the very company he sold Star Wars to for their lackluster efforts to make passable content.

"I was once ridiculed for the prequels, but look who's laughing now," said a chuckling George Lucas. "Who's everyone's favorite director again? That's right, me! The same guy who wrote The Phantom Menace."

"Honestly, I should be thanking the Directors of the sequels, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Kenobi. They are making Jar Jar, as well as Anakin's lines about sand, look like Shakespeare," George Lucas continued. 

According to sources, since the billboards have been put up George Lucas has been overwhelmed by the positive support of many who had forgotten how great they had it. Fans said they remembered a long time ago when villains were villains and not friendly mayors on Tatooine, and a time when Star Wars told truly mythic and timeless stories instead of aping Marvel action-comedy.

"To be honest, I could really go for Clone Wars and some cheap CGI right about now," said local Star Wars fan Mike Brando. "Things were better under Lucas and yet we give him such a hard time. We've been so ungrateful. FORGIVE US GEORGE LUCAS!"

Disney has responded to Lucas's billboard campaign by announcing 32 new Star Wars spin-offs and revealing that Han Solo was gay the whole time. 

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