This Fun New Snapchat Filter Will Make It Look Like You're Crying At The Border
Internet Politics

U.S.—Users demanded it, and now it's here: a fun new filter introduced by Snapchat today will make it look like you're crying at the U.S./Mexico border.


Now you can make it look as though you're really concerned about the immigration crisis, even though all you've done is tweet about it. You don't even need to hire an expensive photographer to stage pics---just open up Snapchat, select the "Crying at the Border" filter, and presto! You too can have a staged picture of yourself crying about the immigration crisis that you only started caring about when Trump took office.

You can swipe between a few different backgrounds, from the border fence with sad-looking immigrants standing behind it to a detention center where a woman is drinking out of a toilet behind you as you weep.

You might even be able to run for Congress with a great photo op like that!

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