Female Scientists Still Unable To Make Sense Of Strange Lever That Makes Car Lights Blink
Science · May 18, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

WORLD — The top female scientific minds from around the globe have come together in hopes of once and for all figuring out what the purpose of the strange lever that makes the car lights blink is. According to reports, these trailblazing researchers are determined to stop at nothing to unravel the secrets of this elusive vehicular contraption.

"The blinking lights appear to be some type of signal or indicator, but it's not like this could be in any way useful to others outside the car, right ladies?" said lead scientist Cynthia Glover. "It's a complete mystery. Not one of my colleagues can think of a single reason a driver might want to share information with others while operating heavy machinery at high speeds."

Many of the female scientists concluded that the lever was similar to a vestigial organ like the appendix that at one point in the past may have served some unknown purpose, but is of no use now. Others concluded from their experiments that the strange lever is simply broken because it only turns the car lights on one side at a time.

According to sources, the scientists even tried having their husbands disassemble and reassemble the device in hopes of learning its secrets. Unfortunately, the effort proved to be fruitless. "The men kept spouting some nonsense about it being called a 'turn signal'," Cynthia added. "But as we all know when driving, you just turn whenever you want without any regard for the presence of other drivers whatsoever."

At publishing time, just as the female scientists were close to making a breakthrough they were sidetracked as the car's dashboard lit up with a bizarre, unknown symbol that had the appearance of a magic lamp.

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