Disney Editing Blunder: This Uighur Concentration Camp Can Be Clearly Seen In The Background Of 'Mulan'
Entertainment · Sep 8, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

Every movie has mistakes, except The Princess Bride. But Disney made a particularly embarrassing blunder with its recent release of Mulan, which was filmed in China. During editing, the filmmakers failed to notice that a Chinese concentration camp where Uighurs are kept was left in the background of the film.

Oops-a-daisy! Someone's getting reamed for this one!

In a scene where Mulan is running on the rooftops, you can clearly see a concentration camp where Uighur prisoners are being held. An editor was supposed to use CGI to blur out the prison camp but obviously wasn't paying attention.

Then-CEO Bob Iger famously said in 2019 that Disney was considering leaving Georgia if the state banned late-term abortions. So, for Mulan, the company decided to film in a more moral area like China. The communist government, a longtime friend of Disney, found them a great spot to shoot right next to a concentration camp.

"It was a great spot to film," said one producer. "But, you know, bloopers like this happen. What difference does it make?"

The film is being quickly re-edited, with the concentration camp safely out of sight so Western viewers won't think about it anymore, according to Disney spokespeople.

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