Duggar Family To Kick Out One Kid Each Week In Cutthroat Reality Show

TONTITOWN, AR—The Duggar family’s hit reality show 19 Kids and Counting may have been canceled amid controversy, but the famously large family is set to make a big comeback with a new TLC program on which one kid each week will be voted out onto the streets, until just one Duggar child remains.

The new show, entitled The Duggars: Last Kid Standing, was reportedly the brainchild of patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, who told his wife late last year that “this kid thing is getting kinda ridiculous” and was constantly heard muttering something about his “quiver bursting at the seams.” After a brainstorming session with Michelle and network executives at TLC, the show was green-lit for a fall premiere.

“We were disappointed to have to previously part ways with the Duggars, so we’re looking forward to working with them once again as part of their new, darker brand relaunch,” a TLC representative told reporters.

Each episode is rumored to feature a dramatic voting-off ceremony at the end, in which one Duggar child will find himself or herself kicked to the curb with nothing but a suitcase full of clothes and a bus ticket.

“We’re really excited to have America back in our home once again,” Jim Bob Duggar said in a promotional video for the new show airing on TLC this week. “This time, though, the gloves are coming off in a big way: will Josie’s innocent, cute facade keep her in the running, or will her siblings turn on her? Find out on Last Kid Standing this fall!”

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