'Down With Fascism!' Cries Protester Burning Bibles
Politics · Aug 1, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

PORTLAND, OR - According to sources at the peaceful protest in Portland, one particularly brave Antifa member cried out, "Down with fascism!" while he started a fire to burn Bibles.

"We're defeating the Nazis!" he cried as he threw another Bible into the flames. "Nazis are bad! Nazis are bad!"

"The only way to defeat fascism is to burn books we disagree with," he said as he egged the crowd on, getting more and more peaceful protesters to join in on the Bible burning. "If we are to stop the Nazis, we must silence ideas and people who are anywhere to the right of us. So, pretty much everyone except us, I guess."

Next, the protesters say they are planning to make a list of undesirables who are in the way of their utopian society so they can be sent to special camps concentrated specifically on them.

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