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Dave Ramsey Jumps Into Ring, Lectures Crowd For Spending Thousands On Tickets

LAS VEGAS, NV—Shortly before the main event at the Mayweather vs. McGregor superfight Saturday, Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey jumped into the ring at T-Mobile Arena and sternly lectured the tens of thousands in attendance for spending such a large sum of money on tickets for a sporting event.

“Literally thousands of dollars for a seat. Does that really seem like a responsible use of your money? Are you acting your wage?” Ramsey intoned as he eyeballed shocked members of the audience, before going on to explain exactly how much each seat in the arena could have been worth if the money it cost had instead been put in a mutual fund and allowed to mature for the next 30 years.

“How many people are in here—16, 18 thousand? I better not find out that a single one of you has any debt at all, if you’re spending this much for entertainment,” he warned. “You probably used a credit card to buy the tickets too, didn’t you? Stupid.”

At publishing time, a disgusted Ramsey had walked out of T-Mobile arena, leaving a crowd behind him that was reportedly “so silent you could have heard a pin drop.”

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