In Controversial New Netflix Special, Dave Chappelle Just Reads From A Biology Textbook
Politics · Oct 8, 2021 ·

U.S. - In a controversial new Netflix special, comedian Dave Chappelle does the unthinkable, pushing the boundaries of comedy further than they've ever been pushed before. Chappelle calmly gets up at the beginning of the show to cheers from the crowd, quietly opens a fourth-grade biology textbook, and begins reading.

"The X and Y chromosomes, also known as the sex chromosomes, determine the biological sex of an individual," he read.

"Boo!" shouted someone in the crowd. "This is way too far!" The fearless comedian pressed on. 

"Females inherit an X chromosome from the father and receive an XX genotype. Males inherit a Y chromosome and thus have an XY genotype."

Screams erupted from the auditorium. A cat shrieked. People ran, trampling over each other. "I didn't mean to offend you!" Chappelle called out. "Please remain seated, ladies and gentlemen!" Everyone instantly dropped dead.

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