Dad Whips Out Multitool Faster Than Old West Gunslinger Whenever Anyone Needs Something Cut
Family · Aug 21, 2019 ·

SAD HILL, NM - Sources close to local father Gary Henderson confirmed that the electrical engineer and father of three is able to whip out his multi-tool like a hardened gunslinger reaching for his trusty six-shooter anytime a member of his family needs something cut.

Henderson's family says he's "the quickest draw in the West" and that he can quick-draw his multi-tool before you can say, "Does anyone have a knife?" He also uses his hardened, gritty quick-draw skills whenever someone needs a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a set of pliers, or a cute little saw.

Yesterday evening, his daughter, Felicity, received an Amazon package. "Ugh, I can't get this tape off. Does anyone---" she began but was interrupted by her father quick-drawing his Leatherman tool. "Did someone say they needed a knife?" he said in a raspy growl. "It's a good thing I was here."

"Dad... why are you trying to sound like Clint Eastwood? Ugh, you're so weird," his daughter said, rolling her eyes as the father cut into the Amazon package, so excited to get to use his knife he could hardly stand himself. 

"There you go, ma'am," he muttered, tipping his cowboy hat before heading outside to ride his lawnmower into the sunset.


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