9 Other Groups That Desperately Need Their Own Day Of Visibility
Life · Apr 2, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

Now that the Biden administration has made sure to raise awareness of Trans Day of Visibility, it's time for attention to be turned to other forgotten, tragically unnoticed groups of people in desperate need of their own days of visibility.

In the name of progress, The Babylon Bee has compiled the following list of people groups no one knows about that deserve recognition:

  1. Crossfitters: Not enough people are aware that these workout warriors exist and are flipping enormous truck tires and flailing thick ropes around to get into better shape than you'll ever be in.
  2. Atheist vegans who own air fryers: A perpetually underrepresented segment of society. Shame on all of us for not giving them a platform.
  3. Trad wives who make sourdough: If only these hardworking women could let everyone around them know they make bread.
  4. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: You probably haven't ever heard of these humble people, let alone been made aware that they are in a relationship.
  5. Vapers: You'd never know it, but they are sitting near you at a baseball game blowing enormous clouds in your general direction.
  6. People doing carnivore: Far too few are made aware of these revolutionary people who have evolved into a superior race by only eating meat.
  7. Meghan Markle: Living in relative obscurity as a television actress and member of the British royal family is lonely and heartbreaking and will soon be documented in a heavily promoted Netflix series.
  8. Overweight underwear models: If there's any group of people who must be seen and have their pictures plastered onto billboards and buses, it's these large examples of human beauty.
  9. Liberal celebrities: Did you even know there are liberal celebrities? There are, and they know who you should vote for. It's time to let them tell you.

Once all of these people groups get their rightful days of visibility, the world will be a much better place. Acknowledge them!

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