Couple With Joint Facebook Account Hosts Seminar On Healthy Relationships
Internet · Feb 10, 2017 ·

NEW ORLEANS, LA - A couple who interacts with everyone online using a joint Facebook account has been asked to host Bay Baptist Church's upcoming "Healthy Relationships" seminar, sources confirmed Friday.

Bob and Mary Johnson, who go by "BobNMary Johnson" on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, will be giving the keynote address, reportedly titled "Building Healthy Boundaries in Your Marriage," as well as running several round-table discussions and workshops throughout the weekend-long event.

"You have to respect one another's personhood," the Johnsons said in unison in a video promoting the event, posted to Facebook on their joint account. "Relationships work best when you allow one another to flourish and pursue their God-given identity.

"The Bible tells us that the two become one, but when that happens, we're freed to encourage one another to become who we were designed to be as individuals in Christ," the couple added, still speaking in complete unison.

At publishing time, the Johnsons had been asked to speak on "Avoiding An Unhealthy Level Of Dependence" at a national marriage conference.


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