New Constitutional Amendment Grants Winner Of Popular Vote A Free Framed Certificate
Politics · Sep 15, 2020 ·

U.S. - It has now happened a couple times in the past few decades that while one candidate won a majority in the Electoral College, the other candidate had a larger share of the popular vote. The candidate with the Electoral College win became president, but the popular vote winner walked away empty-handed. Now, a new Amendment, the 28th, has been added to the Constitution to fix this. It reads:

"Whoever wins the popular vote in a presidential election will receive a framed certificate attesting to that fact and a coupon good for 10% off at Golden Corral."

With this Amendment, whoever wins the popular vote will get proper recognition with a fancy framed certificate. If the popular vote winner also wins the Electoral College, he or she will be able to hang the certificate in the Oval Office. Otherwise, he or she can simply hang it somewhere at home and admire it far from Washington, D.C.

Some had opposed the amendment, saying it was wrong to have a whole framed certificate paid for at the taxpayers' expense when the popular vote winner could just be sent a PDF to print out the certificate himself, but ultimately the Amendment was ratified by nearly all states. It will not be retroactive, though, so Hillary Clinton had to buy her own framed certificate ($29.99 plus S&H) and will still have to pay full price at Golden Corral.


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