Not The Bee: It's More Than Just Amazing Articles
Premium · Sep 15, 2020 ·

Now that we've passed launch day and you know about Not the Bee, I have to you really know about Not the Bee?

Not the Bee is more than just a news site that produces hilarious, timely, hard-hitting and/or hard-to-believe articles. There's an entire social platform under the hood that lets you connect with other like-minded Bee and Disrn users, chat about life, share pictures of your dog, join groups about apologetics, prayer groups, music, locksmithing (seriously), or even pitch forum headline ideas that will continue to go unseen by the Bee staff. You can tag other users, upload a pic, set up your personal profile, and build a community score that (one day) might be redeemable for store goodies. Here's a look at the social page once you're logged in:


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