Confirmed: NLT Translated Entirely By First-Year Bible Student Named Greg
Scripture ยท Oct 6, 2017

CAROL STREAM, IL - Most Bible versions are created over many years by teams of dozens of scholars well-versed in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramiac, and who are well-trained in the demanding task of translating ancient manuscripts into texts that are both readable in a modern tongue and faithful to the original languages.

But most translations aren't the NLT.

After years of mystery surrounding the origin of the New Living Translation, publisher Tyndale House confirmed Friday that the translation was done entirely by a first-year Bible College kid named Greg, who did most of the translation work in between bouts of Street Fighter II on his Super Nintendo with his roommates.

Greg reportedly dropped out of Bible college after the translation was complete, and now works at a local Jiffy Lube location, according to one investigative report.

"All in all, the translation took me about three days, I think?" Greg said as he waved a Toyota Corolla into one of the oil change shop's bays. "I didn't know a lot of the big words in the original so I just kinda guessed for most of them."

The Bible college dropout further stated he "tried to make the words sound good" and wanted the translation to "really pop" when you read it.

At publishing time, it was revealed that the translators of the CSB were just guys who were mad they didn't make it on the ESV so they'd make their own translation "to show them a thing or two."


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