Comic-Con Provides Virtual Attendees With Device That Emits B.O. Scent For More Authentic Experience

SAN DIEGO, CA—San Diego Comic-Con won't be happening in person this year, but you can attend virtually. And best of all, event organizers are providing virtual attendees with a complimentary B.O. scent diffuser to create a more authentic experience.

The device will fill your room with the smell of thousands of sweaty nerds packed into a room breathlessly talking about comic book movies. There are various settings, like strength of smell, type of nerd (comic, movie, tabletop gamer, etc.), and how long it smells as though the person hasn't showered for.

"It's like you're really there," said one man as he adjusted the settings on his B.O. diffusers while waiting for a Marvel panel to start up. "It smells exactly like Hall H in here. Hoo boy. That's bad."

"Oh, wait. That's me."

Comic-Con organizers warned users not to turn the devices to their strongest setting for too long, however. "Seriously, you could pass out."

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