Clever: This Remodeling Contractor Is Also A Divorce Lawyer
Christian Living ยท Jan 25, 2022

CHALFONT, PA - Ben Culver is a handyman with a unique business model: in addition to being a home remodeling contractor, Culver is also a divorce lawyer. And with an estimated 84% of divorces being caused by home remodeling projects, business is booming.

The idea for the unusual double-business came while Culver was working as a contractor during law school. "The couples whose houses I was working in fought constantly about every aspect of the project," Culver said. "As a future lawyer, I immediately started thinking of how to profit from their suffering."

Culver says his business was always successful, but it has picked up significantly during the pandemic. "I slap a few tile samples in front of a couple, and it almost always starts a fight that leads to a divorce," he said. "I've had to hire two more carpenters and a paralegal to deal with it all."

But Culver may not be the only fish in the pond for long. Doug Yearley, CEO of national builder Toll Brothers, says his firm is planning to hire 50 divorce lawyers in the coming year. "We've started recruiting at law schools in addition to trade schools," Yearley said. "We're also going to advertise at the paint counter in Home Depot. It'll be a total gold mine!"

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