Church Sound Guy Insists Faulty Microphone Was An Inside Job

CLIFTON, NJ—According to reports from within Faith Hills Community Church, sound guy and conspiracy theorist Alex Anderson is still insisting that a microphone that went out right in the middle of the sermon Sunday was an “inside job” intended to help oust him from his position as sound technician.

“This is a conspiracy, and I’m going to prove it,” he told the church janitor, who is reportedly the only person he trusts in the establishment. “There are nefarious agents at work here, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to expose them.”

Anderson has posted several videos on his YouTube channel, titled “MicTruthers,” over the past twenty-four hours, with each video pointing out dozens of inconsistencies in the “official story” that the microphone failure was simply a mistake on the part of his sound team, such as footage of the pastor hosting covert meetings with the guy who runs slides and the video team late on Saturday night.

At publishing time, Anderson had also confirmed that he believes the church’s VBS skit was faked.

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