Church Service Has Conspicuous Resemblance To Episode Of 'Mr Rogers' Neighborhood'
Church ยท Oct 18, 2017

ORMOND BEACH, FL - The church service at Grace Willows Community Church Sunday looked and felt conspicuously like an old episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on PBS, multiple sources confirmed.

The resemblance was uncanny, with short, simple life lessons and a laid-back atmosphere seemingly lifted right from Mister Rogers' famed TV set.

"There was a puppet show, the pastor took his shoes off during the message, and everything was really positive and uplifting," one satisfied attendee reportedly wrote in a customer service survey. "5 out of 5, would attend again for sure."

"I really liked his informative video clips and elaborate storytelling," she added.

A staged skit during the service even had one of the church's twelve executive pastors dressed as a postal worker knock on an elaborately designed set door on the church's stage and pretend to deliver a package for a carefully scripted sermon illustration. The point of the day's message was "Be a good neighbor" without any reference to God or the Bible, according to churchgoers.

At publishing time, attendees had confirmed the pastor slowly exited the stage as the worship band played a little ditty for the church's closing credits over a video of the city filmed with a state-of-the-art tilt shift effect.


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