Church Ends Each Service By Voting On Which Worship Singers Will Return Next Week
Church ยท Aug 22, 2018

HONOLULU, HI - Community Church at the Shore has found an innovative way to provide an exciting finale to each of its services as well as cull the worship band to only the most excellent of singers: a live voting process in which several bad singers are eliminated.

"I got the idea while watching American Idol," Pastor Ryan Seabring told reporters. "People love the interactive nature of the whole thing, plus we're able to get rid of a lot of the 'dead weight' up there on stage."

According to the pastor, the singers who just aren't good enough to sing in his church's worship band are usually pretty distraught, but they are given a "farewell bag" that includes the pastor's latest book and the worship band's last five CDs. "They're good sports about it. We wish them all the best at other churches that don't have as good production values as we do."

The pastor also confirmed that the last worship singer standing will be offered a position as the church's worship leader and given a CCM record label deal.


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