Church Bassist Plays Seinfeld Riff After Each Of Pastor's Jokes
Church · Apr 17, 2017 ·

SEATTLE, WA - Since his new congregation launched six months ago, Pastor Jake Willis of Relevant Church hasn't been getting the enthusiastic response to each of his hilarious jokes and comedic bits that he was hoping for.

"People laughed, you know, but they didn't, like, laugh, you know?" he told reporters Monday.

But then, Willis got an idea that revolutionized his church services: he asked church bassist Willy "Wolf-man" Phipps to remain onstage throughout his messages and slap out the famous Seinfeld riff after each of his comedic segments.

Since the new program was initiated, Phipps stands quietly behind the pastor and plucks out the familiar riff just as the pastor delivers each of his punchlines.

"It's working out great. Nothing's funnier than Seinfeld, and now people think I'm funny by association," he said. "Hey, what's the deal with church foyer coffee, anyway?"

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