Christian Who Just Got Fired For His Beliefs Informed He Has Persecution Complex
Worldviews · Jun 7, 2018 ·

ORANGE, CA - Immediately after losing his sales job for expressing his Christian beliefs online Thursday morning, local believer Larry Manning was informed by progressive friends, acquaintances, and internet trolls that he has a "persecution complex."

Manning stated on his Twitter account that he supports a traditional view of marriage, getting him fired within a few hours of the post, before hordes of progressives began accusing him of having an unhealthy tendency of framing everything that happens to him in terms of persecution for his faith.

"Typical Christian, always assuming that everyone's out to get him," one commenter wrote on a news story about his firing. "Why are Christians always so obsessed with acting like they're being persecuted? A guy gets fired specifically for being a Christian, and he automatically assumes it was because he was a Christian. Every time." Other commenters chimed in, recommending that Manning get some kind of psychiatric help so he can deal with his obviously irrational paranoia that he's always being persecuted for his Christian beliefs.

At publishing time, Manning had confirmed he had received several death threats for his beliefs, prompting liberals across the country to accuse him of having a deep-seated martyr complex.


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