Check Out These Devastating Pictures Of Hurricane Hilary's Aftermath
U.S. · Aug 21, 2023 ·

Hurricane Hilary has struck southern California. Already, the pictures emerging from the disaster area are heartbreaking.

Take a look at these tragic photos and keep the people of California in your thoughts and prayers.


This sidewalk has water on it. Walking on it will be very unpleasant.


Look at these socks. They're wet, probably from walking on that wet sidewalk. So uncomfortable!


This is a flooded house. An entire ant house, completely flooded. Sad!


It's starting to rain, and this guy is wearing a white t-shirt that will get very wet. So humiliating.


Just look at the rainwater all over this nice car, which just got washed yesterday. Pray for the suffering of our fellow citizens.


After all the work spent looting this store, all the loot will get wet because of Hilary. Such a waste.


This DoorDash food order is 7 minutes late because of flash floods. Still don't think climate change is a problem?


A field full of majestic solar panels starved of energy from the sun. This may be the saddest thing we've ever seen.


While these pictures are difficult to look at, we must not look away. We stand in solidarity with California.

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