California Man Takes Fiancée Out Of State For A Romantic Lightbulb-Lit Dinner
Life · Sep 9, 2022 ·

LOS ANGELES — Local man Davis Hoffman has decided to take his fiancée out for nice, romantic dinner lit by lightbulb light — a special treat currently unavailable in California. Sources say they enjoyed an expensive dinner in a neighboring state at a restaurant featuring working electricity.

"I know how to treat a girl right. And that's why tonight we're leaving California and going to Nevada for a truly special dinner," said Davis to his fiancée Angela. "Tonight I want to set the mood and take you to a fancy restaurant connected to a functioning power grid for a lovely lightbulb-lit meal."

According to sources, Angela said she felt spoiled being able to see both her man and their food without finding matches or candles or wax getting everywhere.

"This is so romantic, honey! Thank you for such a special evening where we can freely use electricity, and what's that..." said Angela with a slight shiver and a smile. "Is that an AC set to cool? We never get AC after 4 pm! Oh, Davis, you shouldn't have! It's been ages since I've been in an air-conditioned room!"

At publishing time, Davis truly did spoil her by taking her out for ice cream and a trip to a Nevada laundromat to wash 3 weeks' worth of dirty clothes.

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