Biden Sets Presidential Record For Most COVID Deaths During First Week In Office
Politics · Jan 28, 2021 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As the corporate press is completely fair and unbiased, they are laying all the deaths under Biden's watch at his feet, just as they did with Trump. He has been slammed hard by our evenhanded, balanced media for not stopping the pandemic 

One study confirmed Biden has had 27,000 more COVID deaths on his watch than any other president did during their first week in office.

"27,000 dead on his watch -- despicable," said one CNN commentator. "I personally don't like Trump, but I can't let that play into how I cover this story. The numbers do not lie. Facts first: Trump had zero COVID deaths during his first week in office. Biden has 27,000. He is clearly much worse."

"We can't let politics get in the way of the data. Biden must resign for his handling of the pandemic, during which he is personally responsible for tens of thousands of deaths."

Trump was quick to point out on his MySpace page that he has literally hundreds of thousands more deaths over his entire presidency, however, making his COVID record "the biggest maybe ever."

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