Woman Advertising 5 Different MLMs On Back Of Minivan Must Be Extremely Rich, Successful
Christian Living · Feb 11, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

NEW HAMLET, IA - The people of the New Hamlet suburb were awed Tuesday as they saw Patricia Atkinson's minivan pass by with no fewer than 5 window decals, each advertising a different MLM.

Everyone knows that MLMs are a great way to make money, so a woman who's doing five MLMs must be making five times as much money, bystanders reasoned.

"She must be rolling in dough to be a sales rep at all five of those companies," said one man as he fetched the mail and watched her van pass by. "If only I could be as much of a go-getter as she obviously is." Shaking his head, the man returned inside and prepared to go to his actual job where he makes real money.

"I tried Scentsy for a while but lost a few hundred bucks and a few hundred friends," said Stacy Billings. "Maybe I should try some of those other MLMs."

Atkinson is a Platinum-Level Gold-Star Executive Regional Manager at all five of the companies, though she has yet to turn a profit.


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