Woman Advertising 5 Different MLMs On Back Of Minivan Must Be Extremely Rich, Successful

NEW HAMLET, IA—The people of the New Hamlet suburb were awed Tuesday as they saw Patricia Atkinson's minivan pass by with no fewer than 5 window decals, each advertising a different MLM.

Everyone knows that MLMs are a great way to make money, so a woman who's doing five MLMs must be making five times as much money, bystanders reasoned.

"She must be rolling in dough to be a sales rep at all five of those companies," said one man as he fetched the mail and watched her van pass by. "If only I could be as much of a go-getter as she obviously is." Shaking his head, the man returned inside and prepared to go to his actual job where he makes real money.

"I tried Scentsy for a while but lost a few hundred bucks and a few hundred friends," said Stacy Billings. "Maybe I should try some of those other MLMs."

Atkinson is a Platinum-Level Gold-Star Executive Regional Manager at all five of the companies, though she has yet to turn a profit.

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