In Christmas Promotion, Holiday Inn Offers Discount To Women Who Are 9 Months Pregnant Riding On Donkeys
Life · Dec 6, 2022 ·

BETHLEHEM — In an effort to increase revenue during the season, Holiday Inn has announced a new promotion in which it will offer discounted rates to women who are 9 months pregnant and riding on donkeys. The hotel chain hopes the promotion will appeal to a wide range of the traveling populace.

"We really want to capitalize on the increased number of people traveling during the holiday season," said Rolf Jägermeister, the company's strategist in charge of marketing and promotions. "This time of year also provides an opportunity to appeal to both the religious crowd and underserved members of the public, such as young migrant women traveling by donkey."

In years past, other hotel chains have suffered significant public relations damage due to a shortage of accommodations available for young couples traveling during late-term pregnancy via pack animals. "We all saw what happened the last time everyone turned away a young female traveler who was about to have a baby," said travel industry analyst Herb Gerber. "It's literally mentioned a million times every single year at this time. Holiday Inn is smart to get ahead of the curve."

While Holiday Inn was the first to offer actual discounts, other chains were rumored to be following suit, with Motel 6 prepared to offer free lodging in the parking lot, including a manger and straw for animals.

At publishing time, it was unclear if Holiday Inn was also willing to provide any discounts to late-arriving groups of shepherds as part of the seasonal promotion.

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