'Anti-Science' Trump Administration To Revert Definition Of Gender To Objective, Scientific Standard
Lifestyle · Oct 22, 2018 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The "anti-science" and "anti-facts" Trump administration is considering reverting the definition of gender to a biological, objective, scientific standard, drawing the ire of the "pro-science" left.

Critics have long claimed Trump is opposed to science, and they believe his decision to use scientific standards to define gender prove his anti-science stance.

"Trump obviously can't stand scientific facts, and that's why he's hatefully changing the definition of gender to a biological, objective standard," said one MSNBC host. "The true lover of science knows that gender is a nebulous, imaginary concept that you can change based on your feelings." The hosts of the program then chanted "Love trumps hate!" for a full 45 minutes before the show ended.

Congressional Democrats held a press conference shortly after the news of the reversion to anti-science scientific standards. "This is unconscionable," said Nancy Pelosi. "These scientific standards will set us back thousands of years - or at least a few years, to when we changed the definition of gender in the first place." Congressional Democrats then chanted "Love trumps hate!" for a full 45 minutes before the press conference ended.

At publishing time, critics had further claimed that many in the Trump administration are demonstrably opposed to science based on their insistence on defining a fetus as a biological human being.

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