Andy Stanley Wanders Dangerously Close To Slippery Slope While Hiking
Celebs · Sep 28, 2016 ·

MILTON, GA - Pastor and teacher Andy Stanley very nearly slid down a slippery slope while hiking in a national park during a family vacation Wednesday afternoon, sources confirmed.

According to witnesses, Stanley was walking dangerously close to the edge of a slippery, deadly drop-off, when one of his hiking companions pointed out that his compromised position on the trail would inevitably lead to a fall down the slope.

"Don't be silly," Stanley said. "The slope here isn't that slippery, and plenty of people have walked this close to the edge before witho - whoooooaa!" Stanley's words were cut short as his foot slipped, causing him to nearly tumble off the cliff. Stanley dove to the ground to keep himself from falling any further.

"Wow, that was a close one," the embarrassed Stanley said as he brushed himself off and pulled himself up. "Maybe I should stay closer to the rest of the pack, on firmer ground."

At publishing time, Stanley's hiking buddies had pulled him back from the edge several more times before finally insisting he walk on the inside of the trail, near the firm, solid rock.


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