Americans Will Now Be Required To Identify Ukraine On A Map Before Posting Opinion On Ukraine
Internet · Feb 25, 2022 ·

U.S. - A new social media initiative will require Americans to identify Ukraine on a map before being able to post an opinion about Ukraine on the internet.

Before American internet users can tweet or create a Facebook post demanding immediate U.S. intervention in the foreign dispute in Ukraine, they will be required to click the country on an unlabeled map of Europe. 

"It looks like you're trying to tweet about Ukraine. Please locate the country on a map first," reads Twitter's pop-up warning that displays when someone tries to tweet about the country. Facebook's algorithms will filter out posts by boomers filled with U.S. flags and eagle emojis demanding we start World War III over the issue unless those boomers can accurately identify where Ukraine is on the map.

"This won't, of course, stop all of the bad opinions from getting out there," said one analyst. "But it should filter out something like 98% of the uninformed rhetoric on the conflict. And, in some small way, it will increase American knowledge of geography, which is never a bad thing."

Indeed, one recent study found that more Americans could accurately point to the different regions on a map of Westeros than could identify "those lame European countries" that actually exist.

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