Amazon Blows Entire $1 Billion 'Rings Of Power' Budget On Making It Look Like A Woman Can Hold A Sword
Entertainment · Sep 30, 2022 ·

CULVER CITY, CA – After filming only 8 episodes of The Rings of Power, Amazon has exhausted the entire $1 billion budget allotted for the production of the show. Initial reports indicate that most of the money was spent on special effects to make it look like a woman can hold a sword.

"These kinds of effects are a challenge because as everyone knows, women absolutely suck at holding swords," said visual effects supervisor Brad Gragdrad. "Their tiny little noodly arms and 120-pound frames are barely able to hoist a sword above their heads, much less swing it around and cut through foes like a male warrior. Sad!"

Sources say it took a visual effects crew of 380 people over 15 months to make it look like Galadriel, the strong female lead of the show, was actually a battle-hardened warrior able to hold up a heavy steel blade and swing it with ease.

When asked what else the budget was spent on, insiders confirmed the rest was spent on trying to find ways to make Galadriel a likable character. "Unfortunately," said Gragdrad, "They ran out of money before we could figure that part out."

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