Amazing: If You Lay All 20 Million Copies Of 'The Shack' End-To-End Around The Equator, It's Still Heresy
Entertainment · Feb 8, 2017 ·

Okay, internet, check this out: a mathematician in Germany calculated something that will literally blow your mind.

He figured out that if you lay all twenty million sold copies of William Young's book The Shack end-to-end around the equator - assuming flat land all the way around and a standard paperback book height of 6.7″ - the book would still contain a ridiculous amount of heresy.

"It's hard for our minds to comprehend the volume of something like twenty million copies of a book," the professor said in a video posted to YouTube. "So it's a fun mental exercise to put things in a context that our brain can process, like how many times a completely heretical book can circle the earth."

The math genius also provided several other interesting tidbits about The Shack, such as the fact that if you stacked all copies of the bestseller on top of one another, it would still contain copious amounts of blatant and unbiblical statements about essential Christian doctrines like the nature of God, salvation, and the Trinity.



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