After Nail-Biting Victory, Baptist Church Softball Team Fully Immerses Pastor In Vat Of Gatorade
Church ยท May 27, 2019

SHADY GROVE, IA - After a close victory in the Valley Basin church softball league, the team at Valley Street Baptist church snuck up behind their pastor and coach Fred Ugalde, hoisted him on their shoulders, and then dunked him in a vat of Gatorade, being sure to immerse him under the surface completely.

"Thanks to your guidance, Pastor-Coach Fred, we were able to win the victory," they said as they pushed him beneath the surface of the Gatorade. "We dunk you in this Gatorade now, fully burying you in the likeness of how we were down 3 runs in the 1st inning, and raising you as we came from behind to take our first win this season."


The team held him under for a few seconds to ensure the ceremony "took."

Last week, when the Presbyterians won with a walk-off homer in the bottom of the fifth, they poured a small cup of wine onto their pastor-coach's forehead, according to sources.


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