Concerning Growth In Number Of Giant Flies As Adventurers Keep Slaying All The Giant Spiders
Life · Oct 14, 2021 ·

FORBIDDEN FOREST - It seemed a time for celebration: Adventurers encountered several giant spiders and slew them. But soon after, the whole land became overrun with bothersome giant flies.

"This is why I hate adventurers," said the unnamed man who runs the inn in the nearby town of Wolfwater. "They just see some 'monsters' and say, 'Hey, maybe if I kill that, I'll get some good experience, and perhaps it will drop some gold.' And they never think of the long-term consequences."

"The giant ecosystem - though giant - is very fragile," explained Professor Fizzle, who works in the library in Wolfwater. "Why do you think dungeons are overrun with giant rats? Because long ago, people killed all the giant cats."

Stormbreaker, one of the adventurers who was carrying an improbable sword nearly his own size, was unapologetic. "Those spiders attacked us when we were wandering the forest in search of the entrance to the Cave of Shadows," he explained. "What was I supposed to do? Scoop them up in a giant cup?"

It is unknown now whether the citizens of Wolfwater will need to import spiders from a neighboring region to restore balance to the ecosystem, or if the spiders will respawn if they just wait long enough.

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