9 Times Essential Oils Were Used In The Bible
Scripture · Dec 31, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

While many believe essential oils to be a modern Christian phenomenon, these potent extracts actually played a role in some of Scripture's most familiar narratives! Here are the nine remarkable Bible stories that feature high-quality products from doTerra and Young Living:

  1. After being thrown out of paradise, Eve used jasmine oil to calm down: Scholars confirm Adam wisely refrained from asking if she bought it from "Edens Garden".
  2. Jacob prepared to wrestle the angel with a nice dose of amyris: Nothing better for preparing to duel a celestial being!
  3. Job endured the immense suffering of spraying oregano oil in his eye: The poor guy could never catch a break.
  4. The prophets of Baal oiled their altar with eucalyptus blend: Too bad Baal couldn't smell it from his position on the, um, throne.
  5. Absalom used cedarwood oil to keep his hair healthy while campaigning to de-throne King David: Scholars say Gavin Newsom uses the exact same blend!
  6. King Eglon used grapefruit essential oil to help with weight loss: The sword still getting stuck in his belly fat indicates this may not have worked super well.
  7. The Pharisees became outraged when they realized the woman anointing Jesus' feet had used the last of the peppermint oil: What a waste, this could have been put into a diffuser and sprayed onto the poor!
  8. John beat Peter in a race right after rubbing lemon and citrus on his feet: Scholars say Peter then grumbled that John should apply some Humility™ blend on his wrists.
  9. Solomon used a blend of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver while writing Song of Songs: For research purposes.

As you can see, Scripture is replete with stories of these wonder-workers! If you can think of any other hidden uses of essential oils in the Bible, let us know in the comments!

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