9 Reasons Christians Should NEVER Vote
Sponsored · Feb 15, 2024 · BabylonBee.com

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There's been a lot of debate about Christians being involved in politics and the role their faith should play in voting and policymaking, but no one is asking the really important question: should Christians even vote at all?

The Babylon Bee has put together the following list of reasons why a Christian should never vote:

  1. Separation of church and state: Duh! It's in the Constitution! If Christians are the Church, they have to be separated from the state.
  2. There is no record in the Bible of Jesus voting: Aren't you supposed to be like Jesus?
  3. Our home is in Heaven, not here: You should never make any effort to make a difference here on Earth.
  4. David French might call you a Christian Nationalist: There is no more devastating slur.
  5. Voting for a flawed human being will completely destroy your witness: If a candidate posts mean things on social media, a Christian can't vote for him. That's in the Bible.
  6. The 15 minutes you spent voting could have been spent handing out Chick tracts: Priorities, brothers and sisters.
  7. There is no voting in a theocracy: Your only leader is God.
  8. You should just be washing the feet of all the people in line to vote: Stop wasting your time voting and let everyone else know that "He Gets Us."
  9. The winners are predestined anyway: God has already divinely chosen which totally depraved wretches will be in power.

See? Cold, hard proof of why Christians should never vote. If you claim to be a follower of Jesus and have voted… pray, ask for forgiveness, and start minding your own business like you're supposed to.

NOT SATIRE: Christians SHOULD vote! Christians are called to be salt and light in our culture, but the American church has grown apathetic in the stewardship of our rights and liberties.

If Christians retreat from the call to be involved in our culture, our nation will continue to stray away from God's timeless truths and principles.

Christians Engaged exists to awaken, educate, and empower believers in Jesus Christ to:

  • PRAY for our nation and elected officials regularly
  • VOTE in every local, state, and national election to impact our culture
  • ENGAGE our hearts in civic education or involvement for the well-being of our local communities and our nation

Visit CHRISTIANS ENGAGED to take the pledge and begin your journey.

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